I’m really excited about being in China for the first time. It’s really exciting to bring the Red tour here because - having never been here - I’m most excited about the fact that the show in Shanghai sold out in under a minute. That was unbelievable, so it makes me even more excited to play the show knowing that there was that much demand here.

It’s really exciting going somewhere new because I’ve done so much International touring that you very rarely get to be in an entire country that you’ve never even stepped foot in before, so that kind of experience is always kind of really exciting and there are lots of different places we’re going on this Asia tour where I’ve never been to before, but the shows are all sold out.

Music is one of those unifying factors that works all over the world. Looking out into the crowd and being in a completely new place and seeing that it’s sold out, seeing that people know the words to the songs- it’s really, really incredible.

Taylor Swift talking about bringing the red tour to China. (x)